6 Week DSLR Beginners Course

If you find you are spending much of your time taking photographs in the automatic modes, then this course will help you to take your photography to the next level

For one evening a week, over six weeks, this course gives a thorough overview of the camera and includes work on apertures, shutter speeds, manual mode, composition, lighting and the use of filters.

Landscape Field Trip

This workshop will help you to understand the aperture and manual settings in your camera. The day is led by you. I will give you guidance on composition and the use of filters as standard, but depending on your photographs, I will help you to utilise many other photographic techniques which become relevant to enhance your work.

The day will consist of visiting various locations in Cornwall




Photography is an amazing way to express your creativity. All too commonly I hear that people have received a camera as a gift or that they have saved up to buy their first DSLR and have quickly become frustrated that they can’t get the photos they want to achieve. I want others to share in the thrill of capturing their ‘perfect image’. Let me help you. Contact me to book onto one of the courses above.

Thank you Peter for a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding day. Your willingness to share your knowledge was much appreciated and I’m truly grateful for all the information you gave us regarding shot composition. I echo Mark’s comments earlier – the choice of locations was superb. My camera is now permanently in ‘Manual’ mode and I can honestly say that my photos have improved immensely since the course, so thanks again.
Thank you Peter for a great day out on the weekend taking pictures. I learnt a great deal about how to use my camera more effectively and also picked up a lot of tips on composing my shots and how to make them “tell a story”. Your choice of locations was spot on and your enthusiasm was infectious. Many Thanks.
I had a fantastic day out with Peter on probably the best week of a Cornish summer at the beginning of September. Peter helped me a lot with composition and filters which were fully realised with the finale to the day with a lovely setting sun at Trebarwith Strand. I just wish I lived closer so that I could take advantage of his 6 week course and learn more. Would I recommend Peters course? a very emphatic yes, thanks once again for all your help.
Mick Ostlund
I’ve just completed Peter’s 6 week DSLR course, and can highly recommend it. He is enthusiastic, clearly loves his work and sharing his expertise, and makes it all easy to comprehend and put into practice. What more can you ask? Thanks Peter.
Peter conducted our 6 week course with a fantastic mix of professionalism and friendliness whilst making it really really enjoyable for us all. From the basics, through to the more complicated aspects of photography Pete instructed perfectly and I learnt far more than reading any website or magazine. A perfect way to enhance your skills or learn about your camera, no matter how experienced you may be. Looking forward to getting out with the camera to put it all into practice.Thanks again Peter!
Matt Cotton
Many thanks Pete on an amazing course! I have had my camera for years and for years i have struggled but after 6 weeks i now have confidence and knowledge to enjoy photography (my kids may not agree). Half day editing course….again i have learnt so so much! Thank you once again and i look forward to signing up on more of your course!